All about oshoppu!

All about oshoppu!

Who is behind oshoppu?

We're a husband and wife team with "help" from our small children. 

Lauryn fell in love with stationery at a young age and quickly learned that there is nothing better than quality Japanese stationery. As a teenager she discovered the joy of Japanese video games and she's still passionate about JRPGs such as Final Fantasy but equally loves the quiet of a cosy game like Animal Crossing. Her favourite anime films and TV shows are Moomin, Demon Slayer, Your NameOnly Yesterday and Howl's Moving Castle. She loves exploring new manga publications and thinks that the Shonen Jump mobile app haschanged her life. 

Seth is a Japanese language graduate with a masters in Japanese translation. Originally from New Mexico in the south west of the United States, he moved to Japan before settling in the UK. His favourite Pokemon are Garbardor, Heracross and Shuckle. He loves collecting manga with his favourite being Lone Wolf and Cub (but his copy of Nausica is never far from his desk) and his favourite anime is Yakitate!! Japan. 

Our small boys love Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon but know that settling down with Moomin on a rainy day makes their mama happy. 

Seth and Lauryn fell in love during the spring/summer of 2012 to a backdrop of the Animal Crossing New Leaf soundtrack and while collecting one Studio Ghibli DVD at a time. 

What makes oshoppu different?

Importing is our favourite thing to do! We love exploring the stock of Japanese suppliers and manufacturers and would never sell anything we were unsatisfied with. Everything is imported to us here where we check the products before sending them on to our customers. We'll never dropship (ship directly from suppliers in Asia or elsewhere) because we want to be as transparent as possible about where our products are coming from and how long they'll take to reach you. 

We're also keen to create a space that's comfortable for women and feminine identifying people. No one should feel excluded when shopping for the things they love and we endeavour to make sure everyone feels comfortable about the stock we sell and the franchises we promote. All women and feminine identifying people should feel valued and safe at oshoppu, so please reach out if you're ever concerned about anything we carry.