Licca-chan: Deru-Deru Vending Machine

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From the fun world of Licca-chan comes a realistic vending machine that drinks will actually drop out of!

Either insert a coin or touch the IC card to the panel, then touch the button of the drink you want and your juice or cola will drop into the lower compartment for you to take out. It comes with 4 types of PET bottles, 1 type of mini PET bottle, 1 glass type bottle and 2 types of canned juice, for a total of 16 bottles to play with.

How to play:

  • 1) Insert coins or touch your IC card to the scanner
  • 2) Press the button of the juice you'd like to buy
  • 3) Your drink will come out the bottom
  • 4) Remove your coins from the back of the vending machine when you've used them all up
  • 5) Restock your bottles from the top of the machine

Set Contents:

  • Vending machine
  • PET bottle (big) x8
  • PET bottle (small) x2
  • Can x4
  • Bottle x2
  • Coins x8
  • IC card
  • Key
  • Signboard
  • Base


  • Size: 23.9 x 17.2 x 9.3 cm 
  • Japanese import
  • Takara Tomy