Retro Diary Chocolate Die Cut Washi Paper Letter Set [Furukawashiko]

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Revive snail mail with these beautiful Japanese writing papers and envelopes. 

Made with traditional Mino-washi, a Japanese paper produced in the city of Mino for over 1300 years. 

  • Letterhead (56 x 139mm/65 x 100mm/81 x 71mm): 2 sheets of 3 patterns each, 6 sheets in total
  • Envelopes (142 x 92mm): 3 envelopes
  • Made in Japan

About the brand~

In the enchanting realm of Gifu prefecture, Japan, a tale unfolds, woven with the delicate threads of time and tradition. Founded in 1838, Furukawashiko, the custodians of Mino-washi paper, embarked on a remarkable journey. Nestled within the ancient city of Mino, they honor a legacy that has endured for over a millennium, crafting paper products using techniques heralded over 1300 years ago.

Amidst the digital wave sweeping the world, Furukawashiko dares to preserve the essence of human connection. They embrace the profound beauty of paper, infusing it with modernity and breathing life into each fibre. Their creations transcend the conventional, becoming vessels for expression and captivating the senses. In a world enamoured with screens, Furukawashiko invites us to rediscover the timeless allure of paper, to relish its tangible magic, and to find solace and inspiration in its graceful embrace.


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